Need a Builder? Why not use an Architect…

 When building your dream home, it is important that you engage the right team. Whether your project is a simple renovation or a luxury waterfront home, having the right people working with you is essential.

We have been working as reputable Architects for over 15 years.

Our experience with projects of various sizes has helped us develop a process for selecting the right builder for you.

We understand that the relationship between Architect, Builder and client is the most important factor in the success of any building project.

Through the process of engaging with you in the design and documentation of your new home, we are able to identify which Licensed Builder would be most suited to joining the team. Every home is a custom design, and every site and client is unique.

We have come to the conclusion over the years that the building will cost what it costs. A cheaper quote normally results in more variations, and a final cost exceeding the higher quotes. The heartache of dealing with a builder who is trying to make up losses can lead to a stressful process becoming a nightmare.

The Shire is a unique place, with many difficult sites, unusual sites, amazing waterfront and bush facing locations. We specialise in new homes, development projects and major renovations & extensions (we like to call them transformations). And we have working relationships with local builders who are experienced and love the Shire as much as you do.

Often people want to build a house, so they call builder, which is understandable. You want a new kitchen – you call a kitchen company, you want a new car – you call a car dealer. But building a house isn’t the same as getting a new car or kitchen. A home must be designed before it can be built. The process of getting a new house is more like the process of commissioning a new model of car. It takes time & experience to create the perfect design, get all the necessary approvals and only then does it go in to manufacturing.

So, who should design modern homes? A builder or a designer?

The word Architect actually comes from two Greek words arkhi – ‘chief’ + tektōn – ‘builder’.

Call the chief builder to design your home and oversee the Licensed builder who will build your dream design.