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Created in collaboration with Designer Eco Tiny Homes, this 18sqm cabin shows that going small can be stylish & well designed.⠀

Built in a factory, completely off the grid, and modest (small) – this project explores the issues facing housing today: Affordability; Sustainability; Offsite Manufacture

Sustainable – this tiny home is completely off-grid, with solar panels, batteries, double glazing, insulation, timber construction, rainwater tank, composting toilet & low combustion heater.

Affordable – this tiny home has everything you need to live comfortably. Built for a fraction of the cost of a normal home with the added bonus of wheels – you can take it with you when you move! Featuring a proper bathroom, kitchen, fridge, loft bedroom. A 1 bedroom home in the space of a single car garage. At Couvaras Architects we believe that big is not necessarily better. How much is too much? How big is too big? How small is too small?

Pre-built – this tiny home was built in a factory in Ulladulla and brought to site by road. No rain delays, no variations, no mess & waste on site, minimal impact on the landscape, efficient building processes and secure jobs for tradesmen. Cars and large aeroplanes are built in factories – perhaps a visionary with $$$ can transform housing production the way Henry Ford did for the motor vehicle.

Is TINY the new black – or could it be the New Australian Dream? The Great Australian Dream has become a nightmare for many. The quarter acre block in the suburbs was enabled by the motor vehicle. Traffic, density and cost of housing are forcing us to re-think. We believe it is time for a new dream – one where we build public transport to serve small modular factory built homes, that are affordable & sustainable. Our practice is privileged to be working with visionary clients who are exploring small housing types, affordable housing options and off-site fabrication technologies.

Builder – Eco Tiny Homes
Photography – Tim Taplin Photography

- Peter Couvaras
Peter started the Couvaras Architects from the dining table in 2005, and has built a reputation for delivering buildings that not only function well, but deliver an element of delight. He is responsible for client engagement and managing the team.
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