burraneer dual occupancy

Separate 2 storey homes on a constrained internal lot.

Duel Occupancy Townhouses
The client wanted a duplex to maximise the development potential of the land. The proceeds would fund a renovation of the existing house for his family. Council height limits appeared to restrict the dwellings to single storey.
The design solution involved utilising the slope of the land, stacking bedrooms over utility functions with lower ceiling heights, and providing double height living spaces. The resulting dwellings appear spacious and large, despite being considerably lower than the surrounding 2 storey houses.
Two houses on one block
Kitchen Design
These dwellings were able to be built economically due to the simple design. As a result, the builder was able to include the quality finishes we had specified internally and externally.

The client achieved a record price for an internal dual occupancy in this street.

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