highview apartments

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Urban living in a high-density precinct.

Highview Apartments
Built in an area undergoing rapid transformation from low density single dwellings to medium rise apartments, a number of projects were marketed at the same time. The developer wanted a product that would look distinct from the surrounding buildings in order to attract buyers.
Along with that, the shape of the land parcel he had managed to amalgamate appeared to be a problem. The developer thought that the L-shaped site, with 3 street frontages, would result in a complicated building with reduced amenity and yield.
Apartment designs

Our response was to use the land shape to benefit the orientation of the apartments. Out of 63 apartments, only 1 doesn’t achieve a street orientation with good ventilation & solar access.

Miranda Apartment Design
The new apartments were designed as 1 & 2 storey terraces, arranged around an internal courtyard, with parking and retail on the ground level. This means all the apartments have an abundance of sunlight and natural ventilation.
The residents love the open feel of the common breezeways and communal courtyard areas.
Highview Miranda courtyard

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