mitchell + fountain

Nostalgia is reborn in a modern terrace home. 

 Located in an area undergoing transition from industrial to residential, the developer wanted to demolish the old building and construct a contemporary concrete and glass apartment building. (As he thought that was the only way to maximise his return.)

We were able to achieve the yield required by the developer without destroying the character of the area. We did this by retaining the old façade and designing the new dwellings to fit the grid of the old building.

Townhouses design
The new apartments were designed as 1 & 2 storey terraces, arranged around an internal courtyard, with parking and retail on the ground level. This means all the apartments have an abundance of sunlight and natural ventilation.

The developer saved a significant amount of money by not having to construct a basement on a site that was contaminated.

Townhouses design

The 21 apartments sold off the plan in under 2 weeks, and only 1 has changed hands since they were finished 3 years ago.

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