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An intimate venue for 1100 people.

Venue design
The congregation had outgrown the rabbit warren of cumulative additions to the old church. They wanted a state-of-the-art building that could be hired out for public entertainment events, as well as accommodate the growing church. The auditorium needed to seat at least 1000 people on the very constrained site.
The design solution involved a tiered amphitheatre-style auditorium, with service functions below the seating tiers. A street level entry with glazed atrium brings light into the foyer spaces and visually connects the various functions arranged around it.
Shirelive Church Design
Shire Architecture
We project managed the entire process from design and approvals, through to construction, including keeping the church operational in a temporary space during the build.

Re-organising the circulation and grouping functions together has completely changed the building.

People can now flow in and out of the spaces with ease—this works well for church services and external bookings.

Shirelive building design

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