We’re a team of creative, can-do problem solvers who are easy to get along with.

We take what we do seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. It’s this attitude that will make working with us an enjoyable experience.

We enjoy our lunchtime swims and BBQs on the balcony.

Peter Couvaras Architect

Peter Couvaras


“I want to create moments of delight in the everyday… transform something ordinary into something that makes a person feel good to be in that space. Apartment buildings are no different— first light of day, the glow of a sunset, an uplifting sense of space, or an unexpected vista… these are the moments that make the ordinary less mundane.”
— Peter Couvaras

You won’t find many architects like Peter. He’s a registered architect (with 20+ years architectural experience) and he’s business-minded (with 10+ years in business management).

By understanding good design and commercial realities, he can bring to life his client’s vision and unlock real investment value.

As a calm and unflappable leader, Peter inspires the team through his actions. He’s a no nonsense, no ego type of guy who values honesty and authenticity in his clients and colleagues.

Practicality is always at the forefront for Peter, but he’ll never compromise on good design. He believes in getting things right. (This usually means piles of butter paper and lots of trial and error.) 

Peter’s happy place is on the water.  Whether it’s taking a morning dip at South Cronulla beach or sailing on Bate Bay.

Registered Architect – NSW 7344
Bachelor of Architecture (Hons 1) – UNSW

“Peter’s strength is his artistic vision— he was able to take our ideas and put them on paper.  Nothing is too much of a problem for Peter, he has a rare ability to remain extremely calm and is very reliable.  We’d work with Couvaras Architects in a heartbeat.”
— Russell, past client

“Peter is a rare type of architect. He can deliver something that looks good but is still functional. He understands floor space equals value. You don’t have to waste time explaining cost efficiencies—he just gets it. We’ve built 6 multi-residential buildings with Couvaras Architects. And with each project we’ve maximised our returns. Couvaras design for longevity—you’ll be able to drive past one of their buildings in 20 years and it’ll still be relevant. Aside from being a skilled professional, Peter is a really nice bloke.”
— Peter Hickey

Felix Antonius Architect

Felix Antonius

Project Architect

You can’t help but like Felix. He’s direct, doesn’t stand for nonsense, and gets the job done without fuss. He’s also passionate about great design and helping the next generation become great architects. Felix is very generous with his knowledge and genuinely enjoys mentoring new graduates and work experience students.

Felix ran his own successful practice for many years before joining Couvaras Architects. So he knows the ropes and maintains our high standards—nothing gets past Felix.

We call him the powerhouse because he takes no prisoners, and makes a mean coffee (short black is his poison of choice).

Registered Architect – NSW 7569
Bachelor of Arts, Architecture – UTS
Bachelor of Architecture (Hons 1) – UNSW
Chris Stringer Achitect

Chris Stringer

BIM Manager & Architectural Assistant

Chris’s mind works differently. He’s a visual problem-solver and “sees” things in terms of space, volume, texture and materiality. Chris is our Revit specialist and is responsible for developing our templates and 3D objects (a mammoth task!).

If anyone has a problem or question about CAD—we turn to Chris. His technical prowess means he can solve technical problems with his eyes *nearly* closed. And he can find information at lightning speed (seriously, he’s that fast).

On the weekend you’ll find him wrestling his sons Oskar & Otis on the sand or strumming his guitar.

Chris will sit the Architectural Practice Exam and become a registered Architect and shareholder in the business this year.

Diploma of Architectural Technology – TAFE
Bachelor of Architectural Studies – UNSW
Chris Austin Architect

Chris Austin

Senior Draftsman 

We call him Austin (because there’s only room for one Chris in the office).

Austin is often mistaken as being “quiet”, but in reality, he’s the master of wisecracks and quick wit. He is perceptive, his listening skills are extraordinary, and his Revit skills are superhuman.

Austin works tirelessly and is always the first one to lend a hand if someone needs help.  Before becoming a draftsman, Austin worked in the construction industry and has worked on many high profile projects in the residential sector.

To unwind, Austin enjoys going for a surf and playing 18 holes.

Austin will also sit the Architectural Practice Exam this year.

Diploma of Architectural Drafting – TAFE
Advanced Diploma of Sustainable Building Technology – TAFE 
Kim Baltoski Architect

Jeremy Curtain


Jeremy joined the team in 2019 and achieved registration with the NSW Architects registration board soon after. He holds a Masters of Architecture, and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of New South Wales. Fuelled by a passion for all things architecture and a severe coffee addiction, Jeremy comes from a residential background and enjoys working across small and large scale projects and exploring the intersection of both programs.

Combining a passion for sustainability with an appreciation of form, Jeremy enjoys the collaborative nature of our work and working closely with consultants and clients to reach the best outcome.

As the newest dad in the office, we feed his coffee addiction to keep him alert & working.

Registered Architect – NSW 11556
Diploma of Architectural Technology
TAFE Advanced Diploma of Sustainable Design
TAFE Bachelor of Architectural Studies
UNSW Master of Architecture – UNSW

Kim Baltoski Architect

Kim Baltoski

Office Manager

We all need a Kim in our lives. She keeps things on track and running smoothly at Couvaras. If Kim says she’ll do something, she’ll do it. 

Kim is our resident finance and accounting wizard. She takes care of all invoicing and keeps the IT system under control—and she does it all with a smile. 

Kim Baltoski Architect

Callum Payne

Student & Architectural Assistant

Callum joined the team in 2022 and apart from lowering the average age in the office, he has become a valuable contributor to the office. He is a very capable & competent individual and we are forever indebted to his neighbour for introducing him to us.

Currently working on his Masters Degree, Callum juggles university and work with his passion for golf. During Covid lockdowns he could often be found sneaking through the fence and playing a few rounds with his twin brother (not an architect).

Bachelor of Architectural Studies – UTS