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by | Oct 26, 2018 | Behind the scene

At Couvaras Architects we understand that engaging the right people to partner with you is the most important step in any building adventure. The strength of your relationship with us will be the key to the success of your project. Here are a few reasons why you would choose to engage us:

  • We have a good balance of experience and youthful energy
  • We are easy to work with – relaxed, but serious about good architecture
  • We listen – we seek to understand your needs & desires
  • You may not get what you expect, but you will get what you want.
  • We only work for people we like – so you get the best out of us
  • We like working for people who want to create something special
  • We understand that energy efficiency starts with design. True “green” cannot be bolted (or painted) on later.
  • We provide a complete service – from concept to completion
  • We don’t draw plans – we create spaces for people.
  • We prefer to work with you until the house is complete, rather than simply drawing plans, as the success of our design is realized in the detail of construction.

Typically, our clients are design conscious individuals who understand that when it comes to building – one size does not fit all. We work with individuals, organisations, boutique developers and institutions.

Our society has become conditioned to adapt to our surroundings, rather than adapt the surroundings to suit us. A building adventure is an opportunity to redefine your surroundings, perceptions & quality of life.

- Peter Couvaras
Peter started the Couvaras Architects from the dining table in 2005, and has built a reputation for delivering buildings that not only function well, but deliver an element of delight. He is responsible for client engagement and managing the team.
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