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8 Ever-Popular Exterior Looks… and How to Create Them

A fabulous facade is guaranteed to boost your kerb appeal – here are eight of the most appealing styles

Naomi Findlay 3 December 2019

Your home’s facade is the first thing people see when they visit, and it gives a hint into the decorative delights that lie beyond the threshold. If you’re on the hunt for ideas, look no further; here are eight enchanting exterior looks, along with tips on the colours and materials you’ll need to choose to create them.

1. Coastal
With our beautiful year-round sunshine and love of indoor/outdoor living, it’s no surprise that the coastal look is a perennial favourite in Australia.

This style is quite easy to achieve and the result can make a home look fresh, calm and balanced. Designing a coastal exterior is as much about creating a lifestyle as it is about aesthetics. For this reason, don’t just think about the look you want to create, but also how you want to live in your home. For example, add in plenty of usable outdoor ‘rooms’ or spaces for entertaining and relaxing, and large windows that draw in the light.

Create the look with:

  • Neutral tones.
  • Plenty of white with nautical-inspired accent colours, such as navy or sea green.
  • Blackbutt and spotted gum.
  • Curves and organic lines.
  • Touches of aged or weathered metallics, such as bronze.
  • A smooth connection to decks and outdoor spaces via bi-fold or french doors.

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